Who’s ready for marriage?

What is it about a woman that she feels she’s ready for marriage but her man is not? We as women feel that as long as we have a career, can cook, clean, and sex him, we are the perfect catch. Is this true? Is a man better prepared for marriage than a woman? I want to know your views on this title. A woman is ready for marriage “when she understands what it takes to maintain the marriage”. This goes beyond the cooking and cleaning. We’re in a different era and let’s face it, relationships aren’t what they used to be.


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  1. I agree with you that relationships are different these days. I guess I was raised old school were a man treats his woman like a queen. He does this by opening doors, pulling out her chair, and many other small things that can make a woman feel special. The man used to pursue the woman, ask her on a date, and even pay for it. These days seems to be all messed up, but maybe that’s just my thinking. Anyways I could go on and on. Good post!


    1. natfablife says:

      Men are being raised differently. Just as women are getting a different view on men too. But what makes a man choose the one he’s ready to settle down with? Does he have a laundry list of rules and guidelines? It really irks me that women have sooo many standards, only to find themselves alone.


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