There has been times in everyone’s life when they’ve found it very hard to forgive. Perhaps they knew it was the right thing to do, decided in their heart to do it but their feelings about the person did not change. When the situation is this deep, we must allow God to heal our emotions. The way we can do that is through obedience. Doesn’t matter what the situation is/was….Obedience is better than sacrifice. 

This subject is harped on a lot due to the damage the enemy can do to a person unwilling to forgive. There’s 

  • sickness 
  • Disease, 
  • bondage, 
  • cancers, and many things that are attached to this.

 A person who is unwilling to forgive is usually bitter and angry at the person and sometimes at God. When in prayer, we can confess to God how hard it is for us to forgive the person but also release the person in prayer, every time we pray. It’s as quick as saying “Father I release ________, to you so that I might be healed.” say it each day until you feel the release in your own heart. I hope this had helped someone. I’m not looking to be liked for what I write, I truly hope to bless at least one. If it blesses two, then Glory to God.


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