Nag nag nag

Ever feel like your mate isn’t hearing you or is ignoring you? It’s probably the way you say what you’re trying to say. Prov 21:19 basically says its better for a man to live in the wilderness than to come home to an argumentative and nagging wife. Is it that bad? It’s like it’s best for the man to not come home if he has to deal with a woman going on and on and on about the same things. Well women are probably saying, “if he would do the right thing, I wouldn’t have to nag about it”. That’s true. Men aren’t off the hook with this verse. Men should show her he heard her the first time so she doesn’t have to keep saying it. If I find myself in this predicament, I’d come up with a way to talk about all my concerns to him. Choose a normal condition to bring up the subject and just state how I feel. I don’t want to start pointing the finger and telling him what he needs to do. Last thing a man wants is for his woman to act like his mom. Though he needs some guidance still, a woman can do that if she has the right approach. The bible says its better for him to stay out the house. Don’t run your man off, learn to communicate.


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