Men need Respect, Women need Love

Men need respect more than any aspect of the relationship. They don’t bother to request quality time from us, cuddling from us, kisses everyday…none of that. Even if they didn’t get these things from us, it wouldn’t bother them and they’d say the relationship is just fine. But don’t dare disrespect a man, that’s when he has issues in the relationship. Eph 5:33 says “let each one of you in particular love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.” Too often the woman wants equal rights and the same respect as the man. When we as women no longer feel loved, disrespect usually follows.This is a two way responsiblity, love and respect. I know this all sounds easy but in reality women are outdoing men in this economy, education, and maturity most times. It’s sooo easy to respect a man when he makes more money, has a decent credit score, and a degree. Respect is deeper than that as long as love is in the equation. Respect says I won’t put you down if you don’t have a degree, I won’t boast about how much more money I make, I’ll let you be apart of the financial decisions, I won’t ridicule your weaknesses, and I definitely won’t share our sex life with friends. Respect doesn’t require that the woman gets her respect, at least that’s not what the bible teaches us. Some will have their own standards, outside of what the bible teaches, let me know how that works out. Read 2 Samuel 6:16, it talks about Michal, King David’s wife. She disrespected her husband by not sharing in on his joy and felt that he was beneath her. God did indeed punish her for this. I speak mostly to women because we have such high standards and we are hardly ever giving a man room for error. We think God has made us perfect and it’s always HIM that God needs to fix. Anyhow, if you have disrespectd your husband, confess this to God so He can heall your heart. Disrespect usually comes from some form of hurt imposed on the woman by the man. Hope you enjoyed the read and it blesses your lives.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Travis Norman says:

    Great job!!! I love the way it was put together. I agree 100%


    1. natfablife says:

      Thanks for reading, Travis!


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