Fit Gene or Fit the Jeans

     Who should be your fitness motivation? This depends on your goal. In my opinion, this should be the person who mimics your body type. Do you want to fit in a nice pair of jeans or do you have other goals such as Fitness competitions? For competitions, it would behoove you to choose the best person with experience in the specific lane. 

     Often times, it’s the person with the “fit gene” that has high ratings because everyone believes the results are only a reflection of their hard work. Don’t get me wrong, people with the “fit gene” do work hard however they can enjoy fast food/sweets more often than others and maintain their lean body.  If you have that gene, God bless you! 👏🏽

     I also believe a person should be motivated by a fit individual who mimics their lifestyle. Meaning, if you’re a busy working mom who has to cook dinner for your husband, attend the kids’ sports games, and support the church 3x a week, it’d be best to be inspired by someone who’s doing that AND maintaining a fit life.  I believe it’ll keep you motivated knowing you have no excuse. 

      What is your body type?🤔 How do you know you have the “fit gene” or mesomorph? I’d say if you muscle up easily, can typically eat whatever  and still have flat visible abdominals, then you might have the “fit gene” or you’re still young and enjoying the glory days☺️. There are three body types worth looking into. 

     Typically we aspire after women who have never had kids and has the “fit gene”! 😩 They live a life in the gym because  they don’t have those other common responsibilities. There’s nothing wrong with that.  They have more time than you do to meal prep, train, recover, post a video about it, get you to buy their plan, and they go on vacations😎😅. Meanwhile, you’re at home stressed trying prepare your brocoli and chicken but your family wants spaghetti 🍝. So you’re cooking two dinners now! You better not eat the spaghetti 😅

    Or wait maybe they do have 4 kids and a spouse and they’re “fit”. Or are they? I’m talking about those who get the surgeries for bigger butts, smaller waist, and bigger breasts!😩 then sell it as fitness! Let’s face it ladies, we all want the perfect shape. What really happens as you become fit is you lose your breast tissue and sometimes lose your butt if you don’t know that you can train it to become bigger 😉( another blog). 

     STOP ✋🏽 all the madness and be realistic with your goals, get a real person to help motivate you, be sure they can either relate to your lifestyle or have successfully helped women who are like you. If you don’t have the fit gene, make a goal to fit the jeans! 👌🏽I hope this helps. My opinion matters! THAT’S FABLIFE! ✌🏽 


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