Leadership: Presence 

     What does it mean to have presence? In my opinion and experience this means being there physically for your subordinates. For example, and this is my #1, when they’re out doing physical fitness training, are you actively engaged with them(present) or are you simply making sure THEY attend. 

     Trust me, there’s a huge difference in their mind. Soldiers appreciate when you’re not too busy to attend their events and functions. While they may like you because you’re “out of sight out of mind”, they won’t value you if you’re only around when it’s convenient for the mission. 

     Another example of presence is obviously how you look in your uniform. It goes back to fitness and well being.  Do you maintain a decent level of fitness and does that reflect in uniform? 

     Lastly, get involved in areas other than your section. Volunteer in the community, the Company, and the battalion level if you can. Be engaged leaders! Follow me on IG


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