Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression does exist. I chose to ignore the warning because I didn’t think it’d be something I’d be vulnerable to.

I gained 65lbs during my third pregnancy! It may not seem like a lot but it is when you’re accustomed to an athletic lifestyle. Six weeks after the baby, that’s when I realized I over did it. My weight had plateaued & I wasn’t happy.  My strength and speed as an athlete were not recovering fast enough.

  • I was over-contemplating about the body I had before the baby. 
  • Always questioning my spouse whether I had gotten too fat
  •  Overwhelmed with my insecurities
  • Sleep deprived
  • No personal time anymore            

Needless to mention, it was fitness that helped me recover and get back to feeling like myself! Unaware at the time but reflecting back, it was postpartum depression; minor compared to some other moms.

If you or your spouse just had a baby, please remember to encourage her everyday that she’s still beautiful. Fitness helps you feel better and eventually lose the weight.

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