Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy 

Research suggests that babies born to active moms could have an advantage in brain development, according to an article in NY Times. 

 I worked out because I enjoyed exercising anyhow but once I heard of the potential benefits for baby, I made sure to continue for the duration of my pregnancy. 

     I was well into a fit lifestyle before my pregnancy and was told it was okay to continue as long as it didn’t cause pain. The exercises don’t have to involve weight lifting or even a previous fit lifestyle. All it takes is :

  • brisk walk 3x a week for 20-30m to increase baby brain power
  • bike or row to get your heart rate up
  • continue running if you were a runner

     Research shows that all of these are good for baby’s heart rate too. Study proves this theory on babies that were a few days out of the womb. It’s not stated what impact the advanced brain development has once the baby grows older. However I think it’s still a good idea for both mom and baby.

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