Bone Soup-per Food 

     Recently, I experienced a drop in my energy level. I began looking for foods I could add to my regimen that would help with energy while also searching for foods that’d help with skin care. Talk about multitasking! I want it all! I may have found the perfect food though. 

    I stumbled across this idea of bone broth or soup while listening to “The Model Nutrition Show”. The discussion about bone broth compelled me enough to cook and try it! I added collards but honestly, it didn’t taste any different than the collard greens I grew up eating. I ate the marrow too! This isn’t anything new. Our ancestors used bone marrow and bone soup for its healing benefits. 

Bone marrow is the substance found in the bone of an animal; it’s about 96% fat and when cooked, turns into a jelly or gelatin-like substance. Yes, gelatin/jello has a common denominator with bones. It’s highly underrated! Hospitals use jello/gelatin for patients for good reason. It helps with healing. It’s true, gelatin is made up of animal bones! 

Some benefits associated, according to multiple sources are: 

  • Gut and digestive healing
  • Improved sleep and brain function 
  • Improved skin due to the collagen found in it (skip the Botox!)
  • Wound healing 
  • compliments any vegetable to include collards and bok choy 

    There’s a lot of sources  that could lend to the benefits mentioned here. Our ancestors are the most solid resources to follow. There’s so much more to this and deserves more attention than mentioned in this blog. 

To make this soup I made here, all you need is

  1. Huge bones, found at your grocers freezer. Preferably grass fed or organic 
  2. Vegetables– corn on the cob, carrots, onions, green onions, and collard greens
  3. Spices/seasoning -crushed red peppers, thyme, minced garlic, 1 natural beef flavored cubes, and 2-3tbs of Apple Cidar vinegar 
  4. Boil bones until the marrow starts to separate from the bone. The longer the better. 
  5. Then add your veggies. Boil until tender to your liking 
  6. A pinch of salt (I’ve always wanted to say that!) 

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