I accidentally lost weight? 

I lost 5lbs recently! I’m not sure if it was a total accident but it wasn’t intentional. I hadn’t been going to the gym except on Saturdays. I do believe I’ve adopted a lifestyle that fits me. Just as an example: I never drink real soda or fruit juices. I don’t want the sugar calories.  My habits involves activity, nutrition and no deprivation! I don’t deprive myself of what I want. Personally, when I completely deprive myself, it ends with a crash! This concept doesn’t work for everyone. However I don’t overdo it either. I understand my body and how it responds to certain foods. One day decided to step on the scale and noticed I was down 5lbs. I believe my weight is carried mostly in my muscle therefore not lifting weights for a few weeks, may have caused the lost. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me. If I lose or gain 5lbs, I’m happy with it. There’s a threshold I will not go over and one I will not go under. With that said 170-176lbs is alright with me. 

Bottom line is:

  • Never let a number control you. 
  • Be happier with how you feel and look in your clothes 
  • Obtain inner health for long term benefits 

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